AmazingCo. Christmas Gift Experience

Amazing Co Close Up
Amazing Co Set Up
Amazing Co Staff
Amazing Co Table
Amazing Co Side Angle
Amazing Co Set Up Staff
Amazing Co Set Up Interaction
Amazing Co Interaction

Kreate were briefed by online experience brand AmazingCo to create a unique brand activation for shoppers to step into the world of AmazingCo and enjoy a taste of the hundreds of experiences available via the platform. 


We designed a space where shoppers could literally step into an AmazingCo experience, framing the space with an open-garden setting inspired by the Victorian landscape, but with Christmas undertones.  


Traditionally an online only platform, AmazingCo developed a Christmas Gift Pack, exclusively available at the activation  to share the perfect experience-driven gift for Christmas shoppers. 


The final piece of the puzzle was to reflect what AmazingCo stands for and the unique experiences they offer, so we developed an interactive experience that resembled a ‘Mystery Picnic’ (one of AmazingCo’s products), encouraging customers who visited the activation to take part in a scavenger hunt around our shopping centre based stand.


At the end of the hunt, customers were rewarded with a chocolate treat hidden within a locked hamper!