DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Fiji

DoubleTree Fiji Branded Coconut
DoubleTree Fiji Data Capture
Kreate DoubleTree Fiji Setting
Kreate DoubleTree Fiji Images
Kreate-DoubleTree-Fiji Branded Photo

Kreate Australia was engaged by the DoubleTree resort by Hilton in Fiji to assist in re-launching the hotel to the Australian market.  

We wanted to bring the ‘True Fiji’ experience of Sonaisali Island to Sydney to highlight the resort’s authentic Fijian experience and more broadly promote Fiji as a destination to Australian consumers.


We created a pop up version of the resort at Circular Quay to build awareness of the new hotel property with Sydneysiders, as well as drive social media amplification and data capture.


The resort came complete with a traditional Fijian Bure, sun lounges, traditional Fijian band and the opportunity to win a 5 night stay via a social photo sharing activity.


In homage to Sonaisali Island’s 1300 fruiting coconut trees we produced and gave away over 500 DoubleTree Fiji branded drinking coconuts – which made for great social image sharing – over 450 were shared in the space of 6 hours.


We were able to collect a new subscriber base for the resort, and generated a reach of 52,000 through social sharing, email and active and passive impressions.