Pitch2Punch - 3 weeks in

Hello internet and fellow experiential marketing enthusiasts!

Jumping on the blogwagon here to post the first of many more updates on my recent foray in the shady underworld of amateur boxing.

Like many young Australians finding their feet in the marketing and media industries, I lead a leisureful life characterised by – among other, potentially incriminating, things – a general lack of interest in my own personal health and fitness. I knew my way around a gym as much as the Hayne Train knows his way around the pigskin.

And so here I am, three weeks into a ruthless training routine that will make me leaner, meaner and fighting-er than I have ever been in my life. Crunches, pushups, planks, squats, punching the ever-loving shit out of a punching bag – I feel like I’ve sweated more in the 8 Limbs gym than I have in all the heatwaves, moshpits, job interviews, and public speaking of the last quarter century. I end every session a broken, bright red, hunched-over heap of bones and sludge gasping for breath.

But, against my expectations – in the training, the team, the main event and in myself – I find myself falling in love. The skills I’m acquiring, I’m working hard for. My pain and effort are reflected in my newfound fitness of body and mind. I’m sleeping better, feeling stronger and looking forward to every session.

Here’s to the ongoing journey of strength, discipline and utter, utter torture.


Tom “80’s Speed Metal” Kell

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