Pitch2Punch - Cheer up, buttercup!


Pitch 2 Punch is starting to get very serious. Myself and my fellow champions are fast emerging from our respective pre-workout shells and starting to show our fighting spirits. Everyone’s buckling down and giving this as much as they can give.

Mid-way through a session was the perfect time to take our poster photos and capture the essence of our drive and determination. Just look how serious I look in this photo! Cheer up, buttercup! You’re supposed to be enjoying yourself!

Speaking of serious things, we were recently tasked with selecting a ring name. Never one to take myself too seriously, I wanted to find something that painted me as technically fearsome – blindingly fast with more than a few tricks up my sleeve – yet not overly self-important. I realised my almost 2 decades of experience behind a drum kit is the main thing helping me keep the rhythm in the ring. Now, those furious fills and crashing solos I hear in my head when I’m crossing, jabbing, ducking and hooking are the inspiration for my ring name and epitomize the speed and ferocity I bring to the ring.

Champions, watch out.


Tom ‘80’s Speed Metal’ Kell

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