Kreate at Home Edition #6

This week, our guest editor is Lauren Parkin - a Senior Account Executive in our PR and Communications team, over to Lauren:

Kreate Team

Hello Team Kreate!

My name is Lauren Parkin or probably more regularly referred to as LP and I am guest editing, this, our 6th edition of Kreate at Home! I'm a Senior Account Executive and have been working in the PR and Communications division of Kreate for over two years.

Can you believe that the first edition of this newsletter was sent out over 11 weeks ago and my goodness a lot has changed and changed again.

Before I begin this edition, I wanted to acknowledge that as many of you might be, my heart is heavy when looking at the state of our world. Whilst it can be overwhelming and emotional, I encourage you to continue to educate yourself on what is happening within our country, and within the world.

Please continue to follow any regulations put out by your state government and keep washing your hands, wearing a mask when you can and sanitising regularly.



Normal People


One of my favourite reads this year has been, Sally Rooney's Normal People (or the equally wonderful Conversations with Friends). A highly emotive novel, Normal People explores Irish teenagers, Connell and Marianne's journey from adolescence to adulthood.

This week's reading recommendation also doubles as a TV recommendation as you can now binge watch the BBC TV Show, Normal People on Stan.

Baby Sam from Alice Springs


This week's best of the web is Baby Sam from Alice Springs! Baby Sam went viral overnight when her Mum, Kyah, shared this adorable photo of her.

Kyah had started the page for a bit of fun to show everyone the beauty of Alice Springs and its surrounding areas, with the hope that one day we will see more black children like Baby Sam in the media.

Follow Baby Sam on Instagram here or read the full article about her here.



As the cold weather has well and truly arrived (excluding the gorgeous sunny days that we're having in Sydney) and I'm spending a lot of time rocking the jumper with track pants look, classic #WFH.

To spice up your #WFH wardrobe on Wednesday the 15th of July to Sunday the 19th of July, UNIQLO will be giving away 10,000 Heattech tops. The only catch is; to claim one, you have to be successful at a virtual game of Hot or Cold.

Read more here.

Sydney Opera House


Missing exploring escape rooms with your friends and colleagues? Well, this one's for you! Trials of Wisdom is a virtual escape room created by the Sydney opera House.

The game works fairly simply, in order to pass the Trials of Wisdom and escape you need to find four passwords. Each password is hidden throughout each room, but the twist is you have to make sure you enter them in the right order.

To enter the escape room or read more, click here.

Black Lives Matter


Our CEO, Dylan, touched on this in the last edition of Kreate At Home (read his edition Kreate at Home here) but I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that just because you're not seeing it on the news anymore does not mean that the Black Lives Matter movement is over.

My friend Jeneane has compiled this document to help assist and educate people on the movement in Australia and the US.

Strawberry Daiquiri


Often enjoyed on a hot summers day, poolside, I thought I would share how to make one of my favourite cocktails.

What You Need:

45mL white rum, 15mL Cointreau, 30mL lime juice, 15mL sugar syrup, ice, 3 sliced strawberries, and another Strawberry, to garnish.

How to Make A Strawberry Daiquiri:

1. Add sliced strawberries, white rum, Cointreau, lime juice, sugar syrup, and ice to a blender.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour into glass and garnish with strawberry.



Like most people I've spent this strange time enjoying activities I haven't had time for years like....

Reading! I have a goal of reading 25 books this year. So far I've finished 14.

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Whilst takeout is always tempting, with all this newfound time, I've been trying new and old recipes and loving being in the kitchen.

Spending my time bingewatching Netflix and Stan. However instead of scrolling endlessly through social media, I've taken up knitting. So far I've made a couple of squares for a blanket, a scarf and I'm currently working on a beanie.

If you'd like to share interesting stories, at-home innovations or new creative enterprises with us - or have a chat about a new project, idea or even a fun fact - send us an email

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