Kreate at Home Edition #7

Welcome to another edition of Kreate at Home. This week our guest editor is Rich Jones - Partner and Head of Experience. Take it away Rich!

Welcome to Edition #7 of Kreate at Home!

Following LP's stellar guest edit on Episode #6 I want to again extend our thoughts to everyone currently on lockdown in Victoria. With our CEO, Dylan, down in Melbourne we are hearing first hand what life is like behind the mask and we just want to wish you all well. The same goes for any of our team across the country, we're here if you need us.  

Now getting into it, July in summary, has been a mixed bag across the board. 

The experiential industry took some baby steps towards re-opening. We saw some state borders open (YAY!) and then close again (BOO!). The AFL relocated all VIC teams to QLD and are playing back to back matches for 20 days straight! Christmas in July celebrations were low key but we still saw tacky jumpers and ate and drank too much AND to cap it all off -   My wife and I announced that we are welcoming a baby boy into the world, Baby Jones is due Jan 2021 💙 We're kinda excited about it...

A quick update from Kreate People. Firstly, we have a new fancy logo for the department which we're pretty pumped about, and hope you agree! This gives our staffing offering its own identity within Kreate and helps it stand out as one of the core services for the business. We're working on some more exciting updates for Kreate which we'll share with you soon! 


July saw the first blooms of Experiential returning to the Australian market, our fingers are crossed for more to come as we move into Spring. My Market Picks for the month;

Heineken grabbed media attention by showing Sydneysiders what a ZERO contact bar would be like by having robots serve 0.0% beers. Personally I'm glad this is just a stunt and hopefully not a reality, at least not in my lifetime. Congrats to MomentumWW for this great activation!

I love the creative design of local agency XPO's campaign for Uncle Toby's which put Cheerios latest product into market. It offered shoppers free samples as they passed through shopping centres. The 3D like rendering of the jugs on the sampling carts, really helps to bring them to life. 

It's great to see activity taking place and I commend the companies still having an appetite for experience lead marketing. 


Events are a key part of what makes living in Victoria great. With the industry being down since March there is much needed support and funding required to help get it back on its feet again. If you are in VIC then please go and sign this petition to support the Victorian Events Industry


No doubt you have heard of the artist Banksy who's world renowned for his somewhat controversial and thought provoking artworks. Well he's been back at it in the city of London, where's used the London Underground as his latest canvas.  Transport For London immediately removed the "graffiti" from the carriage, which sparked some to question if they should have auctioned the carriage off, to raise much needed funds to support those effected by Covid-19. Either way, it reinforces the message of wearing a mask and that we'll eventually "get up again" courtesy of Chumbawamba.  Watch the video Banksy posted here

THE FUTURE OF FASHION The fashion world and retail industries have taken a major hit, impacting consumer behaviour, product demand and all aspects of the retail environment.

With the pandemic shaping up to be the biggest driver of change, here are a few fashion trends that are set to gain momentum in a post COVID-19 world.

Read the full article here


The perfect way to warm up this winter. With honey, cloves & cinnamon, this delicious warm cocktail is traditional in Scotland, and ideal for the festive period What You Need: 

  • 1 ½ parts whisky (Dewar’s White Label)

  • 1/3 part honey syrup 

  • 3 parts hot water

  • 3 dried cloves, per glass

  • ​freshly squeezed lemon juice, plus a slice of lemon to garnish each glass

  • ​​cinnamon stic​ks, to garnish each glass

How to Make A Whisky Hot Toddy: 

Combine the whisky, honey syrup, hot water and cloves in a toddy glass and stir gently until completely combined. Squeeze in lemon juice, to taste. Remove the cloves, then garnish with a slice of lemon and cinnamon stick.


I couldn't be more excited about welcoming Baby Jones into the family and hope that he is just the start of an all new epic year in 2021. Outside of preparing for parenthood myself and helping mumma bear on her journey, I've been keeping busy with physical activity. Having the gyms and fitness classes re-open was a huge boost for my physical and mental well-being, I find that a good sweat to start the day helps me focus no end. I've also had a good crack at getting back into golf which is a love, hate game for anyone who doesn't play (not so good for mental health lol) and I'm looking to start some lessons in Sydney soon, watch this space! 

While this is all happening i'm also keeping my eyes and ears on the industry that I love and hope to be back to work soon.

Thanks for reading team, look after yourselves.  Rich Partner & Head of Experience

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