Solander Dining and Bar: Vivid Activation

Solander Dining and Bar
Solander Dining and Bar
West Hotel
Solander Dining and Bar
Go West

During Vivid , Solander Dining and Bar came to light. With limited addition Vivid Cocktails, Vivid Sliders, and lighting installations throughout the venue. Kreate ran a targeted social media campaign promoting Solander Dining and Bar’s Vivid activities.


To generate coverage from influencers and media, Kreate concepted and hosted an intimate and private cocktail making class. We invited key media to not only try the limited edition Vivid Cocktails, but learn how to make the cocktails, this resulted in coverage for Solander in online publications and through social media.


Because of the campaign we saw an increase in the amount of user generated content being generated and shared through the use of the hashtag; #GoWest and Solander Dining and Bar saw a marked increase in footfall and sales throughout the duration of Vivid.

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